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Responsive and Mobile Conversion

Skill Factor

Now a days everybody wants to implement responsive and fluid layout, because of the variety of gadgets like computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone etc... If you have a business model or informative website, you cannot restrict users to view from these gadgets. It is very necessary to make for them.

I believe it is the most time taking work of all my categories. I rarely use open source bootstrap when requirement occurs but most of the time I use to create new from scratch. According to skill factor I have great hands on javascript and css, so it is very comfortable and handy work for me.

Experience Gained

Responsive layout and mobile buildups are the latest technologies of web development. I am very much interested in this kind of work. I have completed 10 (ten) to 12 (twelve) commercial and personal projects for this category.

As you know css and javascript are the most important parts in responsive works, I have 13 (thirteen) years experience in css and javascript and 6 (six) years in responsive and mobile conversion.

Hiring Price

This category is not one of my regular and major categories, so it has no fix price to my clients. If you want to hire me only for responsive and mobile conversion works, my price is rupee 400.00 INR / dollar 7 USD per hour. But if you hired for your total design or psd to html and css conversion you may get discount. So start sending your requirement through quick contact and I will revert back to you very soon.

Global Ranking

5 star5 out of 5 Star( Global Ranking generated according to Skill and Experience ).