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Abstract Bubbles Background in Adobe Photoshop

01. Hello and welcome to Abstract Bubbles Background in Adobe Photoshop tutorial which will guide you about brushes. At startup create a new file with Dimension 800px width and 450px height. Make sure that the background is white.
02. Create a new layer ( ctrl + shift + N ) and choose marquee tool from left and draw a circle about 140 x 140 px ( you can use shift to make exact round ). Press "D" for reset the color and fill the selection with black color ( alt + Backspace ).
03. We need the edge to glow so make some layer effects. Choose the layer where you drawn the circle ( if you have changed ). Click the "fx" button at the bottom of layer panel and choose Blending Options. Change Fill Opacity to 50% and add Stroke by clicking it. The stroke size is about 4px and change the position to inside. Press ok to apply the effects.

abstract bubbles background image 01

04. Make sure the marquee selection is active if not press ctrl and click the layer where the circle is. Now go to Edit > Define Brush Preset. You can rename it as "new brush".
05. Now the importanr part start. Press "F5" to come Brush Presets panel. Click the Brush tool in left side or press "B". Desect the marquee selection with pressing "ctrl + D".
06. Lookout the Shape Dynamics in Brush Presets panel. Activate it by cliking the tick mark if it is not and change the size jitter to 100%. In the same panel activate Scattering by clicking it and change Scatter to 500%. Also activate Other Dynamics ( Transfer in CS6 ) and change Opacity Jitter to 70%.

abstract bubbles background image 02

07. Brush work is done now. Now we don't need that circle layer. Press "Delete" in keyboard to delete the layer or click the Delete button at the buttom of layer panel.
08. Now time to create a good background. Click gradient tool in left or press "G". Choose 3 or 4 colors and drag in background layer ( you can make new layer ). I have used mix of blue and violet color.
09. Create a new layer choose Brush tool or press "B". Now draw with new brush. After satisfied bubbles drawing ( may be you need to undo "ctrl + Z" several times ) make the layer Blend Mode Normal to Divide in top of layer panel.

abstract bubbles background image 03

10. For more classy look make a duplicate layer by right click the Layer > Duplicate Layer and move down once. Apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and change opacity to 30%.
11. You can do some more touchups for realistic look. check the video for more details. Thats all for now. Happy Photoshopping :)

abstract bubbles background image 04