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Create Fire Text in Adobe Photoshop

01. Hello and welcome to another tutorial of Adobe Photoshop. We are going to make fire text so it's better to take deep color background ( I have taken black ).
02. Select type tool or press "T" in keyboard and write your nick name. It's better to take a bold type font and white color. May be Arial Black or similar kind of font.
03. Now go to Edit > Transform > Rotate 900 CCW and add Filter > Stylize > Wind. Click ok for the popup of Rasterize the type and again ok for the wind filter. Press "ctrl + T" and drag the corners from littlebit distance. You can take help of "Shift" for 150 jumpout. Drag 300 left and add wind filter again rotate 300 right and add wind filter ( check the video for proper rotation ).

create fire text image 01

04. Rotate back to its original position. Now the hard work comes, it depends upon you how you will do this. Go to Image > Adjustments > Invert or "crtl + I" for black text and select Filter > Liquify. It's always time taking to convert straight wind lines to curvy fire lines ( check the video how it works ). Select Wrap tool ( Its default selected ) and start dragging. After satisfactory result press ok to exit and invert again to white text.

create fire text image 02

05. Make a duplicate layer of the text by pressing "ctrl + J" and choose Smudge tool from left. Start dragging to make some more fire angles. Make sure you are in duplicate or copy layer now. After satisfactory result move the duplicate layer to bottom of original ( ctrl + [ ).
06. Now click "Create new fill or adjustment layer" at the bottom of layer panel. Choose red orange red color combination and press ok to exit. Change the gradient fill layer Blend Mode Normal to Overlay.
07. Now go to original layer where liquify filters applied. Click "fx" button at the bottom of layer panel and choose Blending Options. Apply Gradient Overlay with black and white colors and change gradient Blend Mode to Linear Light. Also change the gradient Opacity to 60%.

create fire text image 03

08. Make sure you are in original layer. Choose Smudge tool again and start dragging from bottom ( check video if any confusion ).
09. Now go to duplicate or copy layer and make an another duplicate layer of it. Move it to very top of all layers. Add effects (fx) Gradient Overlay and choose red and white combination and make Blend Mode to Soft Light. Also reduce the Fill value to 0% in top of layer panel.
10. You can make some more touchups for more realistic look. Please check the video for more details. Thats all for now. Happy Photoshopping :)

create fire text image 04