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Glowing 3d Text Effect in Photoshop

01. Hello and welcome to my tutorial named Glow Text in Adobe Photoshop. As you know from previous tutorials, you need a deep background to make the glow perfect. I have taken a deep blue background and added some noise ( Filter > Noise > Add Noise ). Also you need to drag a black-white-black gradient and change Blend Mode Normal to Overlay.

02. Select Text tool or press "T" and write something. Change color to white and choose a bold type font like Arial Black.

glowing 3d text image 01

03. Double-click at very right of the layer or click "fx" at the bottom of layer panel and choose Blending Options. Click Drop Shadow and change Opacity to 40% Distance to 4px and Size to 6px. Also you have to add Outer Glow. So click and change Blend Mode to Linear Dodge ( Add ) and Opacity to 20% and Size to 8px.

04. Now time to give a 3D look. So make Bevel and Emboss active. Change Depth to 500% and Size to 5px Angle to 900Altitude to 380Gloss Contour to Ring and Shadow Opacity to 50%.

glowing 3d text image 02

05. The real glow works start now. Make a new layer and then select Marquee tool ( Rectangular ) or press "M" and drag a bar type selection at the middle of text ( check video for more details ). Fill it with white color. Add Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and put Radius value to 12.0 pixels.

glowing 3d text image 03

06. Press ctrl and click the text layer to make a selection of your text. But make sure you are in new layer now. Invert the selection by pressing ctrl + shift + I or Select > Inverse and press Delete in keyboard.

07. You can add some glow effects by adding "fx" to new layer. Double-click the very right of the layer. In layer style panel click Outer Glow. Choose color to white and Size to 20px.

glowing 3d text image 04

08. Now place a Lens Flare sparkle gray shade image ( search google or download here ). File > Place choose your image and click Place button. Hit "Enter" in keyboard to remove the bounding box. Change the layer Blend Mode Normal to Screen.

09. Press shift and drag to copy the lens flares. Make 3 or 4 copies and move it to the edge of text ( check the video for placement ).

10. You can give some more touchups for realistic look. Check the video on the top of this page for more details. Thats all for now. Happy Photoshopping.

glowing 3d text image 05