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Making Lens Flares in Adobe Photoshop

01. Hello and welcome to an another tutorial named Lens Flare in Adobe Photoshop. First create a new file ( ctrl + N ) and change dimension 800px width and 450px height and resolution 72 pixels per inch.

02. Import your image where you want to put lens flare effect. File > Place chhoose your file and press Place button. Stretch or resize if it's not fit to the screen ratio and press "Enter" in keyboard to exit. Go to layer panel right click the imported image layer and select Rasterize layer.

making lens flares image 01

03. Now you need to adjust the darkness of the image. Go to Image. Adjustments > Shadows/Highlights. Change Shadows amount to 0% and Highlights amount to 18%.

04. Again if you want to do some more modifications you can take help from Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. Brightness to -3 and Contrast to 6. All the adjustment settings are different for different pictures. You have to adjust manually to get darker image.

making lens flares image 02

05. Lets insert Lens Flare now. File > Place and choose your lens flare file ( search in google or download here ) and press the Place button. You may be need to scale so resize by dragging the corners and hit "Enter" in keyboard. Change the layer Blending Mode Normal to Screen.

making lens flares image 03

06. Now make a duplicate layer ( ctrl + J ) and move downward once. Means original layer should be top of duplicate layer. Change the Blending Mode to Linear Dodge ( Add ) and change Opacity to 60%.

07. Now make a new layer ( ctrl + shift + N ). Select Gradient tool or press "G". Choose black-white-black color and drag like 450 angle. Change the Blending Mode Normal to Linear Light and change Opacity to 15%.

08. Thats all for now. Thanks for watching. Happy Photoshopping :)

making lens flares image 04